Covid Bail Out NYC is volunteer-powered, so 100% of your donation goes directly towards getting people out of NYC jails and supported once free. Because of your support, Covid Bail Out NYC can pay bail for folks locked in NYC jails pretrial and cover their vital post-release support needs, such as housing, PPE, food, medical care & healing.


Donations specifically for protesters are used to bail out anyone incarcerated in NYC as a result of demonstrating for Black liberation; any remaining amounts are used to bail out people criminalized by the same racist systems protesters are fighting to dismantle.

Covid Bail Out is the only NYC initiative organized to pay bail for everyone, no matter the charges, no matter the bail amount. We believe no-one should be in a cage. And we're committed to creating the conditions necessary to abolish jails and prisons. Our only obstacle to paying bail for everyone who wants to be free is limited funds.

Every dollar you contribute adds up. Over 10,000 people have donated what they can, collectively funding folks' freedom from Rikers and other city jails. That's people power.

TOGETHER we can bail out our neighbors and support them when freed.

The Covid-19 virus never stopped raging on Rikers Island. And the state has used the pandemic as a pretext to send more people to NYC jails for longer, all while ramping up criminalization of NYC's Black and brown communities. This moment calls on us to be our own protectors.


Over 3,800 people are in NYC jails right now waiting for trials not going forward because of the pandemic. Thousands are locked in increasingly unsafe cages because judges set bail higher than what they can afford. By paying bail, we can get our neighbors free, out of the clutches of the state, and into the safety of their communities.

How do we do it? We mobilize a whole village of people just like you committed to #FreeThemAll. It takes dedicated lawyers, loving family and friends, and courageous incarcerated folks to request we pay bail. People to donate funds to cover bail and post-release support. A committed volunteer team to work with the people inside, their lawyers, family, social workers, friends to prepare bail outs and safe releases. More volunteers to travel to bail windows to post bail. And a beautiful crew of resourceful community organizers to corral support for folks after they are released.

We invite you to work with us to get our people out of NYC jails. Reach out if you have questions or ideas!

245 people freed from NYC jails!

(since April 1, 2020)


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Covid Bail Out NYC volunteer-run, grassroots initiative mobilized to bail out people from NYC jails and support them once they are released. We are not a charitable bail fund. We are not a bail bonds company. 

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