NOTE: Please only make a referral if you are the attorney for the incarcerated individual. While we appreciate the concern of friends, family, and other advocates, this process is most effective if the attorney makes the referral.


  • We are not a bail fund. We are volunteers.

  • All clients are eligible, regardless of their charges.

  • If your client's bail is over $10,000, a partially secured surety bond (PSSB) will be the most feasible option for us to post bail. However, you will need to provide a signer for the PSSB, such as a friend or family member with steady income. 

  • Regardless of bail amount, having a credit card bail option--preferably in the same amount as the cash bail--is incredibly helpful. 

  • We have a large volume of referrals and we are currently prioritizing those who are medically vulnerable. We're working to get back to you as soon as possible.

COVID Bail Out NYC is not a bail fund. We are a 100% volunteer-run, grassroots collective of individuals and organizations engaging in an emergency bail out. 

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