Is your spouse or nephew on Rikers, just waiting for trial? Is your client at the Tombs, and at high risk of harm if exposed to Covid-19? Nearly 3,000 people are captive in NYC jails because they cannot afford punitively high bail. Many face life-threatening risks and other trauma, daily.


Ask COVID Bail Out NYC to pay the bail.

Fill out a simple online form for lawyers or friends/family

Or give us a call.*


We want to hear about your loved one or client. We currently prioritize people in on bail, who face acute dangers inside jail, whether from the uncontrolled spread of Covid-19 or the daily violence experienced on Rikers, the Boat, at the Tombs and Crossroads. 

If bail is set, we can work towards paying it, regardless of the charges. We do not have the restrictions of a charitable bail fund nor the predatory practices of a bail bonds company. We are everyday New Yorkers, who mobilized during the Covid-19 crisis to get our people out of NYC jails and into the safety of communities. We rely entirely on donations to do this work. If you can support us, click here.

* We accept calls from people who are incarcerated, and their friends & family.

COVID Bail Out NYC volunteer-run, grassroots initiative mobilized to bail out people from NYC jails and support them once they are released. We are not a charitable bail fund. We are not a bail bonds company. 

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