Jails and prisons were the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic and continue to be ground-zero for state violence against Black and brown working-class people. In this moment, we are our own protectors. No one will care for us better than ourselves.


Are you ready to help #FreeThemAll? If yes, we welcome you to work with us. We mobilize a whole village of support for every person asking to be bailed out. There are infinite ways for you to be involved. Sign up for any of the ways shown below, or reach out to tell us how you'd like to support our work.

Covid Bail Out is always mobilizing New Yorkers to post bail and empower our incarcerated neighbors with other support. We're currently organizing in-person bail outs in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens. We always invite more people into this work. Posting bail is an absolutely vital role and a great way to start working with us. Let's get each other free.


Not in NYC? Can't get to a bail window? Sign up anyways! We'll reach out with other ways to support folks inside Rikers' cages. Click here for details, to sign-up, and to tell us more ways you can contribute to our work.

We are calling for social workers, healers, mediators, people with conflict resolution or transformation justice practices to join us in supporting those returning home. The needs in this moment are enormous. Folks returning home have experienced the trauma of being caged during a horrifying pandemic and are now being released into a new and uncertain world.


As part of our commitment to reducing interactions with law enforcement and building community power, we are strengthening our support team for people being bailed out, their families, communities, and people they are staying with. Everyone needs support when transitioning from being caged. We invite you to join us in healing whole communities and building the ties that support genuine liberation. Click here for details and to sign-up.